The Hurricane That is Moving Back Home

We’ve just moved out of our shared 2 bedroom flat in London back in with my parents. The move is jarring at best.

Like the Ghostbusters Stay Puff Marshmallow Man commuting on the London Underground, there just isn’t enough room.

We have rented a storage unit to off load the non-essentials. But it seems that everything we deemed essential takes up the floor space in 3 rooms. For the past 10 days we’ve been living out of cardboard boxes. This morning I searched frantically through 2 bin liners to find a jumper to wear to work. Luckily nobody has noticed I’ve been wearing the same jeans for nearly 2 weeks now.

I have so much clutter. So what is the rational decision? Well, buy more stuff of course. But wait, not just any old stuff. Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. I know right?!


I started with my clothes. I emptied boxes, wardrobes, draws and bin bags. All my clothes were enough to cover most of theĀ landing.

“How do I own this many clothes?” I said to my mum. She had a pretty unconvincing sympathetic look on her face.

Flash forward 2 hours, and after grabbing each item, feeling it and asking myself whether it sparks joy or not. I was left with a rather small pile of clothes. Turns out vests don’t spark a great deal of joy. Or jeans, or knit jumpers, or anything really. Safe to say I my need to go for a clothes shop soon.

I threw out/donated 5 bags of clothes by the end of the day.

I seemed to take longer to fold my clothes the ‘KonMari’ way than it did to go through them all. But i’m pretty impressed with the results. So much so that I called everyone in the house to have a look at my new and improved underwear draw. Nothing weird about that.

Dressing Room – Before

Dressing Room – After

But once everything was tidy and put away my partner and I soon realised that living out of 2 rooms in someone else’s house is super tricky. And there’s way more shower scheduling than I’m comfortable with.

Soon we will be moving into our own place. But till then, ‘can i quickly jump in the shower before you?’ will be uttered at least another 5,000 times.





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