The power of the pissed off. Attending a Feminist event after the US election.

We’re all smiling, we take out seats, say hello to the people around us and wait for the show to start. A diverse group of speakers sit on the stage. They all have two things in common. They all identify as women, and they’re all pissed off. “This is not the time to be thinking about the beginning, a starting point. This is the end. This is where we have ended up. There is no going forward from this.” One speaker states. You can hear some in the crowd crying. But not a conservative whimper to themselves. A full bawl. They are comforted by the surrounding crowd. All of whom are here to hear these people on the stage tell us what nobody else will. ‘It is NOT going to be ok.’

We are in a world that has elected Donald Trump as President of the United States. And I acknowledge that a lot of people are happy about that. But those people are wrong. This world is meant to be built on unity. We are all human beings, equals. But soon after gaining an understanding of the world, we learn that we are not. As a woman, I have been told that I am not as good as a man. And as of Tuesday’s result, that I never will be. But its not just women who have been told they are not good enough. People of different religions, races, backgrounds and the LGBT community have been told the same.

It has given people the excuse of goverment to act like an asshole.

We will not grieve, because grieving ends in acceptance. We will not stand by and watch people feel invisible. Because they are not. You are not. you have a voice, use it. We can’t just complain, we must be active, for those who feel they cannot through fear.

Sitting in the crowd of like minded people I felt empowered. But also embarrassed. Here are these women, doing something, creating change. And the farthest I  have ventured into that world is being on local BBC radio to talk about sexual assault in the workplace.

So as of this morning, I have signed up to volunteer at the Women’s Equality Party. I  have made a promise to myself to become more active. To make my voice heard, and help others to be heard.



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