How To Master Brush Lettering

I change hobbies like Taylor Swift changes boyfriends.

My newest obsession is watercolour pens. I bought a pack of Pentel Aqua Brush Pens on a recent Amazon binge and am totally in love.

They come in small, medium and large and I went ahead and got all three because I’m a hoarder and proud of it. shopping

I started off mastering the calligraphy alphabet while I waited for my brushes to make there way through the postal system. This gave me a good understanding of how each letter will look. But didn’t really show me how to connect them.


3 days later a package arrived on my desk and my brushes were finally in my possession (I am a very impatient person).

What I  had to remember was ‘Press hard on the down strokes and light on the up strokes’.

This saw me through as I created my first watercolour. I created a background my soaking the pages and adding random bits of colour and blending them together. And like Ryan Reynolds in a tailored suit, it was looking pretty good.

I then took an existing work I found on Pinterest and copied it. This helped me figure out the up and down movements of the brush without worrying about what on earth a W looks like and how it connects to the other letters.


A very apt quote if ever I saw one. I showed my bf and jumped around with glee. It actually looks half decent. Instagram fame here I come!

I tried my hand at my own design. It didn’t quite come out as well as the previous but practice makes perfect. Unless we’re talking about my attempt to learn the keyboard, that was a disaster from beginning to end.


Are you learning a new skill or have failed musical dreams? Let me know in the comments below.



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