Pinterest Put To The Test – No-Heat Curls – Test No.3 Mermaid Hair

Test Four ‘Mermaid Hair’ Waves, sourced back to Wild Spirit


Initial Thoughts

I already braid my hair before bed to get waves but I have never twisted them and although this is similar to a previous pin, this one involves a more complex twist and seems way more legit.

Step One

I sectioned my hair into two and twisted from the top, adding hair in as i go I then twisted right to the ends.

Step Two

I popped a band on the end of each and then pinned both to opposite sides of my head. Then headed to bed.

The only issue I had was the bobby pins again, they made my hair go in some interesting directions, but I’m beginning to realise I have no say in it.

Final Result

WOW! I am ready to enchant a sailor and feast on his soul (that’s what mermaids are about right?!) It certainly did what it said on the tin and I am sufficiently impressed! It also made my ombre hair stand out so that was a major plus.




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