Pinterest Put To The Test – No-Heat Curls – Test No.2 – Beach Curls

How many times have you been promised a beautiful ‘just come from the surf’ look by hundreds of people on Pinterest only to find they lied and you now look like you’ve stuck your head your toaster?

Well here at Foxy Lox we have decided to put those pins to the test! Will they give me boucey curls, beachy waves and princess ringlets, or will I look like a psycho who lives in an attic and feeds on people’s souls. Only time will tell.

So lets do this!

“No Heat Beach Waves” sourced back toBuzzfeed

This one consists of splitting your hair into two and twisting each side, then pinning it over your head and waiting.

Initial Thoughts

I’m very skeptical of this one. Not only do I think i’m going to come away with hair flat to my head but also having curls that start at my ear and are completely uniform. Her Final product looks very loose and whispy, but I can’t see how that has come from twisting wet hair tightly and then throwing it over your head. But I could be wrong (please my I be wrong, I have to go to work with this).

Step One

I started with damp hair. I know hers looks quite wet but mine takes about 6 hours to dry when it is loose. If i start with wet hair it will certainly still be wet by morning.

Step Two

I pinned this a couple of times on each side of my head as I don’t quite trust it will stay in place while I sleep.

The Result

Another night of restless sleep thanks to this pin. On top of that, it didn’t work at all. Luckily it didn’t leave me a tangled mess like the last one but it wasn’t exactly curl-central either. The twists fell off the back of my head almost immediately when I moved my head or lay down and I had to pin it several times more. This left some weird bobby pin dents in my hair.


How long till bedtime??

Keep your eyes peeling for another Pin test coming soon…


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