Pinterest Put To The Test – No-Heat Curls – Test No.1, Heatless Halo Curls

How many times have you been promised a beautiful ‘just come from the surf’ look by hundreds of people on Pinterest only to find they lied and you now look like you’ve stuck your head your toaster?

Well here at Foxy Lox we have decided to put those pins to the test! Will they give me boucey curls, beachy waves and princess ringlets, or will I look like a psycho who lives in an attic and feeds on people’s souls. Only time will tell.

So lets do this!

Test One “Heatless Halo Curls” originally from Kayley Melissa

Here is one I’ve seen a lot. The idea is you get a rolled up t-shirt and proceed to twist your hair around it, sleep on it and wake up with perfect curls. Easy right?


Initial Thoughts

I don’t think this one is going to go well. Not only do I have to balance a rolled up t-shirt on my head but also have to curl my hair around it without it falling off or becoming tangled. It also looks super uncomfortable to sleep in. Maybe it will create some bouncy curls like the photo, only time will tell.

Step One

I’ve got my old t-shirt, rolled it up and balanced it on the top of my head. I’m already seeing the flaw with this as i am using one hand to balance the t-shirt ring so this leaves the other to twist my hair around, lets call it ‘The Piles Cushion’ shall we? I’m finding it rather impossible to twist my hair around it without creating a big ol’ mess!

Step Two

I’ve managed to pin the ends in. I now feel more Bobby Pin than woman. This may be the beginning of my rein over the Bobby Pins, obviously leading to the great Bobby Pin uprising of 2016. But until then I just feel like I am being poked in the head 27 times.

Step Three

Now, the bit I know I can do well, sleeping in it. The real test is whether it actually stays in place.

The Result

I am so tired! This was so uncomfortable to sleep in. By 3am I was ready to take it out and burn it in the garden. But I persisted in the name of science.

It had beaten my expectations and actually stayed in place all night, even with all the tossing and turning.

The main problem was getting the thing out. It seemed impossible and my arms kept going dead trying to untwist my hair.

Finally I got the thing out, but not without a fair but of swearing and then yelling at my boyfriend for letting me do this in the first place. The end result was not great. My hair was so matted and tangled I battled to get a brush through it. And once I had, I was left with some pretty useless, severely damaged hair.

I’m sure there is a easier way to do this but I imagine it involves at least another hour of work. This is in no way quicker than my curling tongs, and much more labor intensive. Sure my hair was saved from the damage of heat, but I now have at least 10% less hair on my head. 


Next pin attempt coming soon…

R x


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