Crochet Coat…DIY

Crochet Coat…DIY

A couple of days ago this photo came up on the Daily Mail website (I know, I hate me too).

                Worn by Gigi Hadid

                Worn by Gigi Hadid

It was love at first sight. The coat, not Gigi, she’d not my type. Got to admire her for pulling off the leather trouser look though.

It’s cool and it looks like I could make it. I’ve made a granny square blanket. How different can it be. Just have to pop in some arm holes.

The thing I have realized about wanting to make this coat is that I have to create my own pattern. I can’t exactly email the designer of this $1,400 coat, Rosetta Getty and ask to have a look at the pattern real quick. “I only need 5 minutes!” just isn’t going to fly.

So how do you set about creating a pattern. Well the best I can figure it out you have to zoom into a lot of photographs and count the rounds.

Looking closely I can see there are 5 rounds of colour and a black connecting round.

I’m still trying to figure out how many treble crochet’s there are. There are certainly 3 connected by a chain of 2/3 in round 3 & 4 and then 4tc in round 5. But round 1 & 2 are a mystery at the moment.

So I’ve bought my yarn and i’m going to have a play about. Hopefully it will resemble the above coat.

Once I’ve got the pattern down I’ll put it up on here. I probably won’t add buttons but might make a tie for the waist to keep it closed.


3 thoughts on “Crochet Coat…DIY

    • foxyloxblog says:

      Funny you should ask. I have just sewn together all the squares and are ready to crochet the cuffs and collar and finally sew together. I shall put an update post once it is finally finished. Over a year in the making!! That’s what happens when you only craft on your commute! x


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