Calming Activities For Your Commute

21 Situations That'll Push Any Bus Commuter Over The Edge

Commuting is stressful. Jammed in a train carriage with hundreds of other people as miserable as you.

One wrong move and you’ve got a sweaty armpit in your face.


And lets not forget about the Bakerloo, Central, Picadilly and Northern Lines in the summer months.

21 Situations That'll Push Any Bus Commuter Over The Edge

So instead of having to withstand the woman painting her nails or the man listening to excruciatingly loud house music at 8.35 in the morning,

17 Stages Of Becoming A Commuter

Why not try my tips for making your commute as peaceful as possible:

1. Create a masterpiece


Colouring Books


re now socially acceptable for adults.

So take this opportunity to grab yourself one of those books that’s in every book shop window, some good old colouring pencils (or pens) and get to work.

Not only are you distracting yourself from the grimness around you but you are also practicing mindfulness by concentrating on a single task. Hey, two birds one stone!

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to take your attention away from your surroundings and into a new world. There are podcasts for all genres and are much more distracting than listening to music.

3. Knit


I know, I know, but even supermodels are doing it now.

I knit almost every morning on my way into work and not only is it extremely relaxing but you get to practice a skill and keep creativity alive.

So ignore the looks and at the end you could have a new scarf!

Try a knit kit from

Wool And The Gang

4. Keep A Diary

We never have enough time to keep up with our diaries and after our teen years we don’t really think about it much. But with all that wasted time sitting on trains or buses, we could be writing down our inner most thoughts, or just things that make us laugh.

If you’re not feeling carrying round a notebook. Why not write it down in your phone.

Fun Fact – When you are feeling anxious. Write down your anxiety level 1-5, then write down how long you think it will last. Then, later, when the moment has passed (down to a 0 or 1), look back at your notes and you will find that the time you estimated was far longer than reality.

5. Read

There’s nothing better than a good book. Make it more interesting by joining a book club. If you don’t fancy sipping cups of tea while sitting in a circle discussing the merits of 50 Shades of Gray there are plenty of online book clubs to follow. Try the

Buzzfeed Book Club


6. Netflix

Need I say more.

Happy Commuting!

...or the train for a bed

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