Braid Fantastic

I’ve been obsessed with braiding my hair ever since I was little. The thought of creating patterns in the annoying lifeless thing on my head was brilliant. It was constantly falling into my food when I wasn’t looking and horded crafting glitter like it was endangered. Now-a-days braiding is a great way of getting my hair out of my face on a windy day, even if I do look a little bit like Pippi Longstockings.



Reading Time Out magazine a couple of months ago I found an article about a guy who just does braiding. He creates these beautiful designs that I could only ever dream of. Then, about a week ago, he asked for new hair models. Well, that’s where I got all excited. The thought that someone I had been following on Instagram, marveling at their creations, I could have him do my hair? And he did. I was picked for his new project and he agreed to meet me at a friend’s flat and braid my hair.

So here is the finished creation. A cross between Queen Elsa and Khaleesi.


My hair is way too frizzy to keep in this design too long but I’m going to see how long I can make it last before it can be called a static shock risk.


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