8 DIY Valentines Day Gifts

If you’re like me, you live payday to payday. So it’s safe to say my other half will not be receiving an Apple Watch this Feb 14th. But lets be fair there’s nothing better that receiving a handmade gift with a little added love.

So here are my list for the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.

I have made a couple of these and the rest are certainly on my list for years to come.

1. A hand-drawn card

Ok, so you don’t want it to look like a child drew it so why not draw something to show your love and send that image to a professional card site like Moonpigor Funky Pigeon and they’ll put your image on a card for you. It adds that professional touch without you having to buy a ream of card and a folding machine (those exist).


2. Heart shaped teabags

Hello? Is it tea you’re looking for? If you didn’t sing a little bit of Lionel there’s nothing I can do for you.  But if you did then making teabags might be for you. They’re super easy and cheap to make and look great. I made these last year and they went down really well. Pick up a nice artisan tea from Whittards and some coffee filters and you can make a box full in no time. I made mine on my morning commute, but be aware you will be carrying around a bag of loose tea (which people will mistake for drugs). Fun fun.


3. Date jar

Directions here

Directions here

I am yet to try this one but with our plans dependent on the weather in London, we’ll probably have quite a few redraws.


4. Post-It note art

It may take a couple of days to come up with enough compliments for a heart that big but let’s be honest, he won’t care if you’re writing such classics as, “you always fold your socks”, “you killed a spider that time” and of course “you sat through Pretty Little Liars and only complained once”. It’s the thought that counts.


5. Emoji Pillow

Directions here

Directions here

Sure, I hate emoji’s as much as the next person over the age of 25 but there’s something to be said for the effort of showing your love in DIY pillow form. And come on…they’re cute.


6. Love deck of cards

Directions here

Directions here

Just like the post-it note saga you will have to think of 52 things to write down. But you will be forgiven if you “lost” a couple of the cards. Just remember to hole punch each card in the same place. That could be a mess!


7. Open me when… notes

A mushy option but none the less adorable. And with this one you can decide how many to make. Joy!


8. A homemade candle

Directions here

Directions here

This is as much a present for you as it is for them. If you febreze your way into the bathroom after their visit, why not make a candle for them to keep in the bathroom. You know, for baths (they’ll never know) *wink wink*.

But don’t worry if you haven’t got a valentine, according to Ghostbusters 2 the world is going to end anyway.

//www.youtube.com/embed/Np_SGICmfXw?wmode=opaque&enablejsapi=1″,”url”:”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np_SGICmfXw”,”resolvedBy”:”youtube”,”overlay”:false,”floatDir”:null,”providerName”:”YouTube”,”description”:{“html”:””,”source”:””}}” data-block-type=”32″>

Any we haven’t thought of that you think deserves a place on our list?

Write them in the comment section below.


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