10 Things I’ve learnt from my first week living with a boy

My boyfriend and I have just moved in together. This is what I have learnt so far.

1. Boxers are everywhere!

The bathroom, boxers. The bedroom, boxers. The Kitchen? Boxers!

2. My DVD collection suddenly contains a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger films.

Terminator, Predator, Muscle McMuscleson: The Avenging (or something). So much testosterone the Disney films are deeply intimidated.

3. Cook twice as much food as I think I’ll need.

Apparently 2 sausages and a handful chips is not enough for someone who just got back from a 8 mile run.

4. We both have no idea how to programme the underfloor heating.

The temperature won’t stop climbing. “We’re going to burn alive!”

5. We’re both too broke for a date night.

Say goodbye to a cheeky Nandos, never again will you see the inside of a Wagamamas. Candles in front of the TV counts right?

6. I can no longer hide my terrible taste in TV.

Who is A??

7. Same goes for my music.

‘Is it too late now to say sorry’

8. More conversations about whether Jean-Claude Van Damme is a good actor than I care to mention.

Just so many trouser pleats

9. Between us we ‘ve realised that neither of us know how to ‘adult’.

Being an adult is hard. Why were we not taught this in school?

10. All in all, It’s pretty amazing coming home to someone who loves your type of crazy.


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