Pinterest Put To The Test – No-Heat Curls – Test No.3 Mermaid Hair

Test Four ‘Mermaid Hair’ Waves, sourced back to Wild Spirit


Initial Thoughts

I already braid my hair before bed to get waves but I have never twisted them and although this is similar to a previous pin, this one involves a more complex twist and seems way more legit.

Step One

I sectioned my hair into two and twisted from the top, adding hair in as i go I then twisted right to the ends.

Step Two

I popped a band on the end of each and then pinned both to opposite sides of my head. Then headed to bed.

The only issue I had was the bobby pins again, they made my hair go in some interesting directions, but I’m beginning to realise I have no say in it.

Final Result

WOW! I am ready to enchant a sailor and feast on his soul (that’s what mermaids are about right?!) It certainly did what it said on the tin and I am sufficiently impressed! It also made my ombre hair stand out so that was a major plus.




Pinterest Put To The Test – No-Heat Curls – Test No.2 – Beach Curls

How many times have you been promised a beautiful ‘just come from the surf’ look by hundreds of people on Pinterest only to find they lied and you now look like you’ve stuck your head your toaster?

Well here at Foxy Lox we have decided to put those pins to the test! Will they give me boucey curls, beachy waves and princess ringlets, or will I look like a psycho who lives in an attic and feeds on people’s souls. Only time will tell.

So lets do this!

“No Heat Beach Waves” sourced back toBuzzfeed

This one consists of splitting your hair into two and twisting each side, then pinning it over your head and waiting.

Initial Thoughts

I’m very skeptical of this one. Not only do I think i’m going to come away with hair flat to my head but also having curls that start at my ear and are completely uniform. Her Final product looks very loose and whispy, but I can’t see how that has come from twisting wet hair tightly and then throwing it over your head. But I could be wrong (please my I be wrong, I have to go to work with this).

Step One

I started with damp hair. I know hers looks quite wet but mine takes about 6 hours to dry when it is loose. If i start with wet hair it will certainly still be wet by morning.

Step Two

I pinned this a couple of times on each side of my head as I don’t quite trust it will stay in place while I sleep.

The Result

Another night of restless sleep thanks to this pin. On top of that, it didn’t work at all. Luckily it didn’t leave me a tangled mess like the last one but it wasn’t exactly curl-central either. The twists fell off the back of my head almost immediately when I moved my head or lay down and I had to pin it several times more. This left some weird bobby pin dents in my hair.


How long till bedtime??

Keep your eyes peeling for another Pin test coming soon…

Pinterest Put To The Test – No-Heat Curls – Test No.1, Heatless Halo Curls

How many times have you been promised a beautiful ‘just come from the surf’ look by hundreds of people on Pinterest only to find they lied and you now look like you’ve stuck your head your toaster?

Well here at Foxy Lox we have decided to put those pins to the test! Will they give me boucey curls, beachy waves and princess ringlets, or will I look like a psycho who lives in an attic and feeds on people’s souls. Only time will tell.

So lets do this!

Test One “Heatless Halo Curls” originally from Kayley Melissa

Here is one I’ve seen a lot. The idea is you get a rolled up t-shirt and proceed to twist your hair around it, sleep on it and wake up with perfect curls. Easy right?


Initial Thoughts

I don’t think this one is going to go well. Not only do I have to balance a rolled up t-shirt on my head but also have to curl my hair around it without it falling off or becoming tangled. It also looks super uncomfortable to sleep in. Maybe it will create some bouncy curls like the photo, only time will tell.

Step One

I’ve got my old t-shirt, rolled it up and balanced it on the top of my head. I’m already seeing the flaw with this as i am using one hand to balance the t-shirt ring so this leaves the other to twist my hair around, lets call it ‘The Piles Cushion’ shall we? I’m finding it rather impossible to twist my hair around it without creating a big ol’ mess!

Step Two

I’ve managed to pin the ends in. I now feel more Bobby Pin than woman. This may be the beginning of my rein over the Bobby Pins, obviously leading to the great Bobby Pin uprising of 2016. But until then I just feel like I am being poked in the head 27 times.

Step Three

Now, the bit I know I can do well, sleeping in it. The real test is whether it actually stays in place.

The Result

I am so tired! This was so uncomfortable to sleep in. By 3am I was ready to take it out and burn it in the garden. But I persisted in the name of science.

It had beaten my expectations and actually stayed in place all night, even with all the tossing and turning.

The main problem was getting the thing out. It seemed impossible and my arms kept going dead trying to untwist my hair.

Finally I got the thing out, but not without a fair but of swearing and then yelling at my boyfriend for letting me do this in the first place. The end result was not great. My hair was so matted and tangled I battled to get a brush through it. And once I had, I was left with some pretty useless, severely damaged hair.

I’m sure there is a easier way to do this but I imagine it involves at least another hour of work. This is in no way quicker than my curling tongs, and much more labor intensive. Sure my hair was saved from the damage of heat, but I now have at least 10% less hair on my head. 


Next pin attempt coming soon…

R x

10 Things I’ve learnt from my first week living with a boy

My boyfriend and I have just moved in together. This is what I have learnt so far.

1. Boxers are everywhere!

The bathroom, boxers. The bedroom, boxers. The Kitchen? Boxers!

2. My DVD collection suddenly contains a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger films.

Terminator, Predator, Muscle McMuscleson: The Avenging (or something). So much testosterone the Disney films are deeply intimidated.

3. Cook twice as much food as I think I’ll need.

Apparently 2 sausages and a handful chips is not enough for someone who just got back from a 8 mile run.

4. We both have no idea how to programme the underfloor heating.

The temperature won’t stop climbing. “We’re going to burn alive!”

5. We’re both too broke for a date night.

Say goodbye to a cheeky Nandos, never again will you see the inside of a Wagamamas. Candles in front of the TV counts right?

6. I can no longer hide my terrible taste in TV.

Who is A??

7. Same goes for my music.

‘Is it too late now to say sorry’

8. More conversations about whether Jean-Claude Van Damme is a good actor than I care to mention.

Just so many trouser pleats

9. Between us we ‘ve realised that neither of us know how to ‘adult’.

Being an adult is hard. Why were we not taught this in school?

10. All in all, It’s pretty amazing coming home to someone who loves your type of crazy.

“No!” – A tale of being groped on the London Underground

10pm Friday night. Walking up the stairs to my platform and I feel a man brush past me and a hand slide right across my bum. I was in complete shock. Suddenly a thousand thoughts went through my head. Was that on purpose, was it a mistake? I came to the quick conclusion that he was a scumbag as I remembered that I was wearing a long coat and my bottom was completely covered by it. Which means he has to reach up into the back of my coat to grab me. Coming to this realisation, I suddenly shouted “What the actual fuck? That guy just groped me!”

Then, he did something that sealed his fate and cemented his place as the grosses person on this station platform. He sped up. He started walking quicker and quicker as I gained on him. I don’t know what came over me. I was stone cold sober and tired as anything but I was so fed up of this. He got halfway down the platform before the train arrived so he stopped to get on, never looking back at the woman speed walking towards him.

“Hey!” I shouted, “you just full on groped me!”

“Did I?” He replied, looking shocked that anyone would actually retaliate.

“Yes you did. How dare you.” Adrenaline was coursing through my veins. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I didn’t know how he was going to react. I once asked a ‘youth’ if he could turn down his music and he squared up to me and started into my eyes before kissing his teeth and reverting back to just being an arse.

This guy was clearly not a fighter and wilted like a flower when I confronted him. He made excuse after excuse.

My parting words were “don’t you dare do that to anyone again”, and I got onto the next carriage to avoid him. Once I was free of the conversation I cried, this was not a cry of sadness but of anger and frustration. I felt violated and disgusted. Sure I get catcalled on the street and I always try to shout back, but this is only the second time I have been physically touched and both times have been on London Transport.

And as my life usually goes, a tap dancing busker then starting performing for the carriage right next to me.

But I have learnt something very important from all this. The next day I tweeted that I had been groped and that I chased after the guy and yelled at him, and I got a reply from a “man” telling me that ‘you got aroused though right?’

And I now know that if you get assholes like that trolling you, you’re doing something right.

44 thoughts you have when starting your first fitness DVD

 Fitness is hard, fitness DVDs are harder.

1. I’m so ready

2. I’m Pumped

3. Let’s do this

4. Perfect body here I come

5. Where’s my water?

6. Where are my new £80 workout trousers?

7. Where did I put the DVD?

8. I really need to sort my life out

9. Oh god it’s starting

10. Why don’t I look like that in Lycra?

11. Jumping up and down? This is easy

12. Slightly out of breath now

13. Air, need air!

14. High kicks, so many high kicks

15. I can’t move anymore

16. That was only the warm up?!

17. What are they trying to do? Kill me?

18. Water break

19. That was not long enough to constitute a break

20. Burpees? I’m full of water

21. I feel sick

22. Did I just poop myself?

23. My legs hurt

24. Why is nobody sweaty?

25. Their hair is perfect

26. Mine is sticking to my face

27. Is the heating on in this room?

28. So hot right now

29. Is time moving slower?

30. They’re all so attractive

31. Look at their bodies

32. I can’t even touch my toes

33. Just think about the abs I’ll have

34. If Khloe Kardashian can do this so can I

35. What the fuck is an abductor?

36. Oh, that’s an abductor

37. Arms, legs, they all hurt

38. Never again

39. Never again

40. I’m done

41. That was it?

42. That wasn’t all that bad

43. Wait, water break?

44. Nooooooooo!

8 DIY Valentines Day Gifts

If you’re like me, you live payday to payday. So it’s safe to say my other half will not be receiving an Apple Watch this Feb 14th. But lets be fair there’s nothing better that receiving a handmade gift with a little added love.

So here are my list for the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.

I have made a couple of these and the rest are certainly on my list for years to come.

1. A hand-drawn card

Ok, so you don’t want it to look like a child drew it so why not draw something to show your love and send that image to a professional card site like Moonpigor Funky Pigeon and they’ll put your image on a card for you. It adds that professional touch without you having to buy a ream of card and a folding machine (those exist).


2. Heart shaped teabags

Hello? Is it tea you’re looking for? If you didn’t sing a little bit of Lionel there’s nothing I can do for you.  But if you did then making teabags might be for you. They’re super easy and cheap to make and look great. I made these last year and they went down really well. Pick up a nice artisan tea from Whittards and some coffee filters and you can make a box full in no time. I made mine on my morning commute, but be aware you will be carrying around a bag of loose tea (which people will mistake for drugs). Fun fun.


3. Date jar

Directions here

Directions here

I am yet to try this one but with our plans dependent on the weather in London, we’ll probably have quite a few redraws.


4. Post-It note art

It may take a couple of days to come up with enough compliments for a heart that big but let’s be honest, he won’t care if you’re writing such classics as, “you always fold your socks”, “you killed a spider that time” and of course “you sat through Pretty Little Liars and only complained once”. It’s the thought that counts.


5. Emoji Pillow

Directions here

Directions here

Sure, I hate emoji’s as much as the next person over the age of 25 but there’s something to be said for the effort of showing your love in DIY pillow form. And come on…they’re cute.


6. Love deck of cards

Directions here

Directions here

Just like the post-it note saga you will have to think of 52 things to write down. But you will be forgiven if you “lost” a couple of the cards. Just remember to hole punch each card in the same place. That could be a mess!


7. Open me when… notes

A mushy option but none the less adorable. And with this one you can decide how many to make. Joy!


8. A homemade candle

Directions here

Directions here

This is as much a present for you as it is for them. If you febreze your way into the bathroom after their visit, why not make a candle for them to keep in the bathroom. You know, for baths (they’ll never know) *wink wink*.

But don’t worry if you haven’t got a valentine, according to Ghostbusters 2 the world is going to end anyway.

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Any we haven’t thought of that you think deserves a place on our list?

Write them in the comment section below.

Crochet Coat…DIY

Crochet Coat…DIY

A couple of days ago this photo came up on the Daily Mail website (I know, I hate me too).

                Worn by Gigi Hadid

                Worn by Gigi Hadid

It was love at first sight. The coat, not Gigi, she’d not my type. Got to admire her for pulling off the leather trouser look though.

It’s cool and it looks like I could make it. I’ve made a granny square blanket. How different can it be. Just have to pop in some arm holes.

The thing I have realized about wanting to make this coat is that I have to create my own pattern. I can’t exactly email the designer of this $1,400 coat, Rosetta Getty and ask to have a look at the pattern real quick. “I only need 5 minutes!” just isn’t going to fly.

So how do you set about creating a pattern. Well the best I can figure it out you have to zoom into a lot of photographs and count the rounds.

Looking closely I can see there are 5 rounds of colour and a black connecting round.

I’m still trying to figure out how many treble crochet’s there are. There are certainly 3 connected by a chain of 2/3 in round 3 & 4 and then 4tc in round 5. But round 1 & 2 are a mystery at the moment.

So I’ve bought my yarn and i’m going to have a play about. Hopefully it will resemble the above coat.

Once I’ve got the pattern down I’ll put it up on here. I probably won’t add buttons but might make a tie for the waist to keep it closed.

10 things not to say to someone with anxiety

1. Calm down

Short answer, no. You ask me to calm down, I’m going to freak out.

2. It’s all in your head

We know. Doesn’t make it any easier.

3. You don’t look sick

Looking sick and being sick are two different things. We’d get a lot more attention drawn to mental health is one of the symptoms was a sudden loss of limb.

4. You’re very hard deal with

Imagine living in here 24/7. Now that’s hard.

5. What can I do?

We appreciate your help but there is literally nothing you can do but just be there with us.

6. Cheer up

Oh if only it were that simple.

7. You’re causing a scene

Oh, you haven’t even seen a scene yet.

8. What are you anxious about?

9/10 times I have no idea.

9. Now you’re making me anxious

Oh please.

10. You’ll be fine

When? Are you able to give me a time scale oh psychic one.


Have you had any annoying phrases said to your while you were anxious? Write them in the comments below and we may add them to the list.

5 Ways To Stop That Panic Attack

So, you’re having a panic attack. We’ve all been there, but right now that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you feel like crap and that’s no good. So here are my steps to get back to normal:

1. Remember to breath

You may feel that you can’t breathe, but trust me you can. You’re probably breathing too much (hyperventilating) so slow your breathing and count to 20. This will give your brain something to focus on rather than the panic.

When you hyperventilate you shallow breathe and therefore don’t get enough oxygen to your brain, that can cause you to feel dizzy and lightheaded.


2. Take in your surroundings

You may feel that the world is crowding you. I shouted at my partner during my last panic attach when he touched my arm. Awkward. Looking at what’s around you is a great distraction technique and can make you realise that the world is not as scary as it seems.


3. Drink water

It may seem like an obvious one but when you are panicking you can easily forget to drink. Your body has gone into shock and you need to treat it as such, so sip at water to bring your body’s function back to normal. You may also find you get over-heated, so water will help you cool down.


4. Take a seat

The number of times I’ve fainted after a panic attack are too many to count, so take a seat. There’s nothing worse for a panic attack than waking up on the floor of the Central Line with a load of concerned facing staring down at you. Now, I’m not saying that you will faint, that’s just how my body deals with it, but trust me, sitting down is brilliant.


5. Wait

I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s all about waiting. All panic attacks disappear with time. So be patient and know that this too shall pass. It may feel like hours, but it’s been proven that panic attacks tend to last mere minutes, and it’s how we react either side of those minutes that make or break us. So take it slow and allow your body to regain its normality.

These are tips that work for me. I’m not saying they will work for all, but they’re a good a place to start as any.